First time poster, and relatively new to Urban Exploration, though I can see it becoming a serious hobby.

Whilst on my government sanctioned exercise trips recently, I have been taking the opportunity to explore some interesting sites. This was a group of abandoned buildings I found, that are evidently now being used for military training exercises. Not sure what the original purpose of the buildings was-perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me will be able to tell from the pictures.

I found this structure particularly interesting-some type of silo/storage?

One of several creepy underground shafts I saw on this day's explore

Interior shot-in my mind, that metal slab was used for horrifying experiments, but in reality it probably wasn't

View of the probably-not-torture-slab from the outside

And that's it. As I said, any possible insight into the original purpose of the buildings would be welcome, otherwise I'll post here again next time I find something interesting. Thanks for reading, and it's good to be here!