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Thread: ROAC Barracks, Marchington - Feb 2020

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    Default ROAC Barracks, Marchington - Feb 2020

    Well, I would like to first of all start off with saying “Long Time no Speak” to everybody! This explore back in late Feb would be my last explore before Corona Lockdown, which saw three months of no exploring, and safe and sensible exploring now. So sadly I have only done two explores since this one in Late Feb, which were back in Mid June.

    I guess I just did not get time to upload this before lockdown! Visited with Mookster and a Non-Explorer friend.

    ROAC (Royal Army Ordnance Corp) in Marchington, was built around approximately 1957 and dealt with the supply and maintenance of weaponry and munitions and various other military equipment.

    That was until 1993 when the corp joined forces with the Royal Logistics Corp. Marchington was also a Central Vehicle Depot during this time until the barracks closed in 1970. After this, the Territorial Army took over and closed the site in the early 1980s.

    Interestingly, The Marchington site housed the Army`s fleet of Green Goddesses. There are currently plans to build 80 new homes on the 9.3 hectare site.

    It was a fairly bright winters morning when we visited here. The Graff inside showed some very angry emotions within the “artist”.










    As always, Thanks All!

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    its a ruin now, i first came here in 1988, was a different place back then, 90% of the windows were intact, you had a front door to open and walk into, no graf, the lights not smashed, fixures and fittings still in place, no vandalism hardly. Each of the 6 barrack blocks had a name of a second world war battle on a black painted wood sign above each front door, 30 odd years of being stripped does this to a place

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