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    Default Goldthorpe Mortuary

    I saw this post by Vanburen an being a local lad I had to go an have a nose for myself...The building is still there but has now been burnt out an in all honestly is nothing special.

    As Vanburen said the building was originally used as a mortuary back in the coal mining days (after this point info is hard to find) at some point it was bought an used as a base for a local blacksmith an then used by the brink pond fishing people as an office for fishing payments...after that the building was boarded up as the brick pond office was moved next to the pond for easier access for the fishermen/women.

    The last instance of use I have heard of is while I was at school it was used by the 'cool' kids to get drunk & stoned in.

    Anyway to the shots...considering the state of the building I decided to do these in B&W to try an add abit of class to this structure.

    As you walk/drive onto the brick pond you will see this (but as most people do) you see it but dont acknowledge it.

    Now this sign would have been in plain sight back in the day but now is covered by the over-grown tree line

    Now this did puzzle me for sometime. Why would a chain just be cemeted into a wall???

    Realised when I got home an looked through my shots...Guard Dog!

    On the site there is also the remains of a burnt out storage unit. Am assuming this was to do with the fishing stuff as was the latest business to use the building.

    Shot of window through the storage uinit

    Shot of door through window (this is bricked up form the outside)

    Close-up of the building apex.

    Now there you go, is only a very small explore at best but was nice considering the weather.

    Hope you enjoy an let me know what you think.

    Cheers as always Swed
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    Looks nice in Black 'n White! Nice one :)

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    Good report mate and nice pics,get down to Wath now and get some of that before it gets more trashed than this one.Its next to the old swimming baths.As someone stated on my post these little places can be quite interesting if we can chuck a bit of history in with the pics,as you have.It dosent always have to be High Royds,Cane Hill or Battersea Power Station for a good report.Great stuff,glad you posted 'em.
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