A small bunker (more a sunken building) with several rooms with old equipment and desks contained within. Some refers to British Gas (there is a large Transco gas pipeline site to the west of here). There is a connection box on one wall with connections to "Broadcasting House", harking back to the days when it was used as a BBC monitoring station.

Two concrete mast bases exist slightly to the north in the adjacent field.

A wooden workshop is also nearby, containing some equipment, and lots of manuals and documentation. I think it faired badly during the snow of early 2005 and the roof may have collapsed.

Curiously, there is a large square of conifer trees here. Conifer trees are very rare round these parts - my only guess is that they were planted to hide what was contained within. In the middle of this square is a round post. We believe that either a rotating mast or dish was in here at one time.

The wooded area to the west contains evidence of other buildings being here at one time. Also, small fences, gates, and lamposts are about, hinting at the site being much bigger at one time.

The site seemed to be quite important at one time - finding German radio stations during the war, tracking Russian satellites and so on. Take a look at some of the results on google.

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Be warned! The two masts next door are live, one being a very important repeater. The site is sometimes manned, and some equipment is left lying outside the fence - you might get accused of something you didn't do.

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