after seeing a huge piece of wasteland from the train, I went here to get some piccies last summer. i walked up the now famously disused (ie subject to fierce local campaigns) cambridge to st ives line, and hammered down through the overgrowth to the end where it meets the in use line. when i turned around at the bottom i was in a thicket and not where i thought i'd end up. i was also in a Really Dodgy Area with fly tipping and big bits of burnt metal. i never managed to return until this year, when it was equally thickety, but entered from a different direction and went to the other side.

it's all very enclosed and treed, stuck between two rail lines, one north-south and used, one west-east disused, and itself divided into two with a goods line in the middle. the whole is destined to be a mixed use something development.

i never worked out whether there was a fence between the used line and the sidings. possibly not, and trains go past all the time. i figured on keeping well away from the main line anyway. some of the lines nearer the piles of grubble are in use as well, and they're the shiny ones. the rest is a skiddy, brambly mess of track.

the first public drain did run underneath the sidings and i've tried to find it from both ends, but the east end seems to be filled in and the west end has been diverted northwards. there must be a tunnel underneath because the west arch is there, but it's flooded to the top.

i haven't put the pics on my site yet but stuck some in the gallery.

fun if you're passing, but an annoying bramble fight in the summer.