Eventually this and other locations will be on the newly re-vamped sub-urban site, but as I was perusing some pics this eve i thought I'd put up these as they're from one of the more random locations we visited during our time in Toronto.

Lower Bay Station was opened and closed in 1966 as part of an experimental route to gauge whether a segregated or intergrated subway system was more beneficial to TTC passengers, we're presuming segregated won, hence Lower Bay closed. Today the station is used for training and filming purposes and so both the concourse and trackbed are well maintained, if a little dusty.

Access was novel, without going into specific details it involved riding the subway to a nearby active station, getting off, loitering on the platform until the train continued on then jumping down onto the track and running back down the live tunnel until you reach the spur that heads towards Lower Bay! All in full view of the platforms CCTV!!

Due to the high likelihood that you would have been seen making your entry it's advised to spend no longer than 20 minutes on the concourse at Lower Bay so's to not be there when any authorities arrive, TTC Police are notorious for being nasty types.

A few pics:

Stoop getting a pic mid tunnel


The Platform (right)

Platform (left)

Platform (centre)

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