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Thread: Random house, Camberley, September 2016

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    Default Random house, Camberley, September 2016

    I visited this house this month- and it was the first proper place I visited, with pictures. I had previously visited a house in Bracknell, but it was pretty much destroyed and I got no pictures.

    Quick history:
    No one knows when this house was actually abandoned, but it is believed to have been abandoned around Christmas time due to the decorations (tinsel, stockings) left behind. There was a fire, believed to have been started by arsonists in February this year. It was a 6(?) bedroom house with one room adapted specifically for ballet. We didn't explore the entirety of this house as, again, this was my first proper visit, and it was rather large and intimidating for a first visit.

    I have visited this house two times now, being too nervous to explore the ballet room as all the windows in there are boarded off and I didn't have a decent torch either time. However, I did explore the rest of the house, and I plan on going back with a better torch.

    I'm not actually sure what this is, but I do know that there was a full bed frame there, with sheets...

    Thanks for reading,


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    Looks worth a revisit Jim, take your time too get used to the site, you've found a little cracker and I'd like to see the rest of it Stay Safe and Nicely Done, Thanks

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    That's a great find! You should return to this one, I'd also like to see more of it.

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