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Thread: Kirklees College - Huddersfield - Oct 2016

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    Default Kirklees College - Huddersfield - Oct 2016

    The Hospital was founded in 1831 with the carlile wing been opened in 1902. The site incorporates 10 buildings ranging from Grade 2 listed Hospital buildings to modern blocks of classrooms.

    The former Ramsden Technical College moved on to the New North Road site of the former Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in 1967.The college paid £105,000 for the site. In September 1968 the first students began lectures at New North Road.The first new bulding on the site opened in 1969.The main new block was built in 1971 - the year the college became Huddersfield Technical College

    By 1978 there were more than 8,000 students studying at the site.In 2008 Huddersfield Technical College merged with Dewsbury College to form Kirklees College

    The College moved into a new purpose build waterfront development in 2013 which will welcome 20K Students. The old site has been purchased by Oldham based Wiggett Construction Company for an undisclosed sum. Plans for the future of the site are expected to be unveiled early in 2016 but the developers are expected to create a mixed use site featuring residential, retails and leisure uses.

    The former hospital building has being used for psychological thriller Extremis, starring David O’Hara (Braveheart, The Departed, Luther), Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables), Neil Pearson (Drop the Dead Donkey); and 1980s singer Toyah Wilcox. Black Work,a drama starring acclaimed actress Sheridan Smith, was filmed last Autumn partly in the hospuital and in the town and in other parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Also the drama Remember Me staring Michael Palin, Mark Addy and Julia Sawahla was partly filmed here where the buiding was transformed in to a hospital, care home and a police station


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    Lovely pics, I trust you watered the palm before you left, Sound Job, Thanks

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    Looks like the palm hasn't suffered dereliction like the rest of the building has. Nicely done.
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