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Thread: Jordanhill Campus Glasgow NOV 2016

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    Default Jordanhill Campus Glasgow NOV 2016

    Jordanhill Campus sits in the West End of Glasgow and closed in 2012.

    With the site now under offers for development (for upper end housing) I decided to take a look around before it goes next year.

    The site is still accessible for the public to walk around, but there is still on-site security and lots of cameras tracking your movements around the various buildings.


    Originally the Jordanhill Estate back in 1546-1913
    After his mother's death in 1913, James Parker Smith inherited the estate
    After marriage to his cousin, he had devoted himself to politics, becoming Liberal Unionist MP for Glasgow Partick in 1890.

    After losing his seat in 1906, like his mother he began selling off more pieces of land four housing development, including the former Gartnavel farm for the new Royal Lunatic Asylum
    Approached by the University which was looking for a site on which to establish a unified teacher training college, in 1913 Parker Smith agreed sale of the residual estate.

    Jordanhill Teacher Training College: 1913-1993

    Faculty of Education, University of Strathclyde: 1993-2012

    Anticipating the end of its independence, in 1991 the college approached the University of Glasgow with a proposal that it should become its Faculty of Education.
    With better use of facilities, and an ageing campus at Jordanhill which was highly protected by preservation orders, in 2010 the decision was made to close Jordanhill campus and move the Faculty all courses to its John Anderson Campus.
    The academic year 2011-2012 was the last before this move took place.

    The 1920s sandstone buildings will be refurbished into housing, whilst the newer brutalist blocks will be demolished.

    The David Stow Building - Original Teaching Block
    (security office on ground floor to left of bushes :p )

    The old and the new - 1 survives

    Sir Henry Wood Building - Includes The Library


    Residents Building - Being kept for refurb

    The views from even a lower level are excellent.

    Unfortunately no access, but judging from the amount of boardings put up there have been a lot of break ins.

    Any access points are quickly boarded up so you would need to be lucky.

    Definitely worth a walk around though, especially if youre nearby.

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    Nicely done at least its being preserved and used for something else, it has a lot of history attached to it.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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