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Thread: BBC Tatsfield - Surrey - February 2017

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    Default BBC Tatsfield - Surrey - February 2017

    BBC Tatsfield was actually my second explore ever back in 2014, and it was well into the late stages of dereliction then. So curious me thought a Re-visit was in order to see what the state of affairs was.

    I was quite surprised to see the whole area around it has been cleared and the buildings had been surrounded by very new looking Heras fences!


    BBC Tatsfield Monitoring station was used from 1929 to 1974 to monitor the frequency of domestic radio broadcasts to ensure the quality and frequency of the signals.

    The site was closed in 1974 when its duties were merged into the BBC Crowsley Park site.

    The BBC have a nice article with pictures of the site when it was in use.


    The buildings that are left are the two at the bottom of the plan. The one of the bottom left is the underground room. The bottom right is the office building.

    The Explore

    Nice relaxed explore, although unlike my last visit they have cleared all the brambles and surrounded the buildings with Heras fencing. The Office building was in a sorry state before, but now its looking very sad indeed. The roof has collapsed in completely. I didn't even bother going in.

    The underground room is well intact, but has been stripped out mostly. There is still a few odd bits of electrical equipment, but not much.


    A rather Sad before and After

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    I like all the electrical/electronic stuff. Now to check out that history link...

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