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Thread: The truck stop..

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    Bet that looks good in the Spring, Enjoyed that Mikey, Thanks



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    [QUOTE=Hugh Jorgan;349264 I did a registration check on a few. FVL322X turns out to be registered in 1995 and describes it as a yellow ambulance.[/QUOTE]

    The Suffix letter X was released in 1981, so the 1995 date is probably the last year the vehicle was officially registered - unless somebody was doing a fiddle. Not unknown in the old 'Expedition' world back then. Having acquired two of these vehicles via Ruddington for High Atlas travel; trying to register same as anything other than an Ambulance, causes all sorts of complications in providing fixed and proper seating for ones extra passengers in the back of the vehicle. Far better to register as what it was, then just bolt extra seats in the back and get on with the journey. Change of use brings up all sorts of 'officialdom' and endless paperwork, not to mention the headache with Insurance Companies!

    Thanks given by: Hugh Jorgan, Mikeymutt, oldscrote, Tigershark, titimo82

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