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Thread: Jedburgh Jail (Ghost Hunting)

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    Default Jedburgh Jail (Ghost Hunting)

    Jedburgh Castle was a castle at Jedburgh in Scotland. It was fought over during the Wars of Scottish Independence, and was demolished by the Scots commanded by Sir James Douglas of Balvenie in 1409.
    n 1823 a jail was built on the site to designs by Archibald Elliot. This closed in 1868. The building was restored to an 1820s appearance in 1964 and opened to the public as Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum. The museum also features local history displays.

    Me and Lormack decided to to do a ghost hunting night, actually enjoyed it. As your aware this place is a visitor attraction but it was good to be able to take a few snaps while the public was not there.

    5N9V7320-Edit by HiddenScotsman, on Flickr

    5N9V7319-Edit by HiddenScotsman, on Flickr

    5N9V7324 by HiddenScotsman, on Flickr

    5N9V7321-Edit by HiddenScotsman, on Flickr
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    Think you caught something in your first shot HS

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