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Thread: Witham police station - Essex - March 2018

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    Default Witham police station - Essex - March 2018

    The History

    Theres not much history to be found surrounding Witham police station which is a shame as itís a pretty nice building. Originally the police station had an internal court but this was repurposed when a new, but since demolished, court was built next door.

    This was the second police station that Witham had with the original police station was built in 1849, located in the towns Guithaven Street, nine years after Essexís first full-time police force had been founded. This building was demolished in the late 1980ís.

    The new police station comprises a two storey detached building with each floor arranged as a number of individual rooms including offices, interview rooms, locker areas, stores, kitchen, WC facilities and cells.

    To the front of the site there are landscaped grounds together with car parking area. To the side and rear of the site there is further car parking and landscaped areas together with a single storey outbuilding.

    The station closed its front desk first and was officially closed late in 2016. In December 2017 it was put up for sale with a guide price of £875.000 but is rumoured to have sold in early 2018 for 1.6million. Planning permission has been submitted to convert the site into a nursery school keeping all the outside features and nothing to be demolished.

    The Explore

    Iíd had my eyes on both this and Brentwood police station for a while but other things grabbed my attention and I forgot about both of them.

    So I get a text from Rubex one afternoon asking me if Iím about and would I like to join her to do the police station. I grabbed the camera gear and jumped in the car. I met up with Rubex, Brewtal, JSP77 and Malenis and we headed in.

    Now this wasnít my first visit here, however it had been a long time since my last and this time it wasnít a functioning police station and I wasnít handing in a 7 day wonder. Remember those?
    The building itself was petty bare inside but like the Brentwood station the cells made up for it 

    Enjoy the pics

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    Seems to be a lot of modernising going on in the police force, there's a few round me that have closed too.

    Another 30s building that's unmanageable. Cheers MR.

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    I can only presume from your pics that Witham police station no longer has a roof then

    Very nice MR!

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    eh? it still has a roof lol

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    So pleased you decided to join us! Excellect pictures Mockney, I never noticed those rub down posters!

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