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Thread: 3 years of exploring the steel city of Sheffield

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    Default 3 years of exploring the steel city of Sheffield

    The history of sheffield

    Its common to assume Sheffield has had a past concerning industry and as early as the 14th century Sheffield was noted for the production of knives. In the 16th century Sheffield became more famous for its cutlery. Before 1500 watermills were adapted to grinding tools and the cutlery trade boomed. By 1600 Sheffield was the main town in England (apart from London) for cutlery.

    Following the decline of industries Sheffield offers plenty interns of urban exploring... from abandoned breweries, redundant steel works and leisure sites. It's difficult to experience all this in a single outing therefore I have compiled this into three years of exploring the city. Having started out at relatively low level explores and advancing this further to more harder to reach buildings here are some of the most important abandoned buildings Sheffield offers. If not for the buildings themselves Sheffield's street art is an important part of the explore. Often explorers take to photography for the art which is of a high standard coming from a far to experience this. Historically the buildings offer more than the art its self... the buildings often dating back to the victorian era give great scope to capture real history of the city. Often buildings have either been destroyed or are in the process of this. Been able to capture the buildings in their original state albeit a derelict one captures the cities past... and more importantly the history of British industry.


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    Yup...know and explored most of them. Nice collection. A lot of those are now either gone or hard to explore.

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    A whistle stop tour, nice one.

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