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Thread: Abandoned Bicycle Store, Cambridgeshire, June 2018

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    Default Abandoned Bicycle Store, Cambridgeshire, June 2018


    I've known about this site for a long period of time but never entered as it seemed impossible. Although in late last year (2017) me and a friend of mine, ExplorerX, found an entry. On our first explore we had no lighting and all photos and videos came out with too much blur or grain so we attempted one of the stations along the old Cambridge to St Ives Railway instead.


    Does it really matter? They sold bikes, paint and lawn mowers that's all.
    The actual building is two shops one a bicycle shop the other a DIY store.

    The Explore

    After failing one explore because I decided to get caught and another because the trains had been canceled, we decided to retry this on the way home. On arrival the entry was similar to last apart from having to move chunks of concrete. We entered the same way as last and not much had changed.

    Starting off with the bicycle shop we worked our way around.

    Next was the DIY Store portion of the building.

    It was interesting to see the shop fully stocked with paint and other chemicals.

    Inside some portions of the building the lighting was too low for photos.

    The old checkout had been left with leaflets in drawers, products on the counter and a Microwave.

    The box for the cash was still hanging underneath and locked.

    We moved upstairs and started with the office.

    everything was left behind. A PC was still on the window ledge and numerous amounts of clutter had been left on the desk and cabinets.

    Upstairs had an open area with "Nerf War" sprayed on the wall. Perhaps it was used as a children's play area?

    Throughout the building there were bottles of wine or other drink still sealed in their bottles.

    Small Staff Kitchen

    Toilets still had running water and toilet paper.

    Apart from that there was not too much more of the building to be explored.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Train spot for good measure.




    Don't worry about security until you've been caught.

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    YouTube Video can be found here:
    Don't worry about security until you've been caught.

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