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Thread: Commercial Green House, Befordshire

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    So. This is another report from the archives of my old photos. In later 2017 we decided it would be a good idea to go to a glass green house on one of the hottest days in autumn. Our original plan was to try an office block which didn't go to plan. So this was our second destination.

    Compared to times I have had to climb fences, dodge security, having to fit through small windows, the entry to this site was almost as straight forward as walking in one direction.
    On arrival we could see some of the overgrown and smashed buildings from a distance.

    It was interesting to see delicate strings hanging from the supports, I'm assuming these supported the newly growing trees when it was in operation.

    Anyway. In no specific order here are the photos.

    Round the back of the site was a rusting water tower.

    Should I have climbed it? Probably not.
    Did I? Yes.

    On leaving the site we opened an unlocked door of a shed just next to site.
    Inside was a shop. Perhaps the site was used as a garden center?

    Thanks for looking.

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    Don't worry about security until you've been caught.

    Thanks given by: BikinGlynn, etc100, Hugh Jorgan, Mearing, noiseboy72, oldscrote, psykie, RedX_unleashed


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