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Thread: Llanmorlais School - July 2018

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    Default Llanmorlais School - July 2018

    After seeing a report on this place from a few years ago, I knew I just had to check it out. My first school, woo!

    Llanmorlais Primary School

    Llanmorlais Primary School was built in 1893, near Penclawdd, Gower. It was known as Cwm-Cynor School until 1897 when it underwent a name change to Llanmorlais and would remain under this title. Unfortunately, the school was closed in 2010 despite much protest and annoyance from the locals.

    A pleasant location with nice surroundings and access, the place seems to be in prety good condition still, apart from a few smashed windows and rubble, I'm surprised it hasn't been renovated for other use yet, though I've heard talk of a proposed plan to demolish it and put some boring old garages on the site instead! I've also heard that the owner of the building isn't too keen on visitors. It was nice seeing things that were left behind, in addition to some... colorful and ominous messages left on the walls!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Very interesting looking place. Hopefully it will be reused. That share the world poster is lovely.

  5. Thanks given by: Sean of Wales
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    Yes I like that idealistic poster too...I wonder what a realistic one would look like, dread to think

    Looks like you had a good explore there, thanks!

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