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Thread: Bailey's Garage, Winkfield June 2019

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    Default Bailey's Garage, Winkfield June 2019

    One of those chance finds whilst on the way to another location. Both me and my mate spotted a new looking hoarding at pretty much exactly the same time, with a cluster of buildings just visible behind it. Both deciding it was a thing that needed investigating we parked up around the corner and after a bit of a dead end managed to get in pretty easily.

    After getting in we realised it was a former mechanics/garage with an old (very old!) house and a few outbuildings to poke around in. Sadly try as we might we could only get into the more modern extension to the side of the house, the rest of the building was locked up very tight. However everything else was accessible but we threw in the towel trying to get to the last building as it involved wading through near waist height thistles.

    The premises operated as Baileys Garage for decades, later the garage part became an Autotek MOT Centre before closing a few years ago and relocating to another premises nearby. By the looks of the hoarding development may well be on the horizon soon. It wasn't groundbreaking by any means but for a chance find I've had a lot worse.

    There was an almost collapsed large shed around the back which contained more than a few things to poke around in. It didn't provide us much shelter from a sudden unseasonal downpour though.

    And, almost invisible in the weeds, the very skeletal remains of what I believe to be a Ford Popular 103E if the Ford hubcaps were anything to go by.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    I didn't expect that!
    Now with my old eyes I'd have said it was occupied by looking from the outside.
    Makes me wonder what the vegetation is now hiding. I was hoping you were going to show an old motorcycle!

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