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Thread: Rose Court School - June 19

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    Default Rose Court School - June 19

    A two location day trip to Leeds from back in June took us to this architecturally interesting nursery building, followed by an unpredictable capture at the nearby church where the alarms do 'mean something,' especially now as work commences. Our fault for leaving it too late I guess.

    Rose Court School

    Rose Court building was is situated on the same site and the main senior school Leeds Girls High School building. Rose Court was purchased by the High School in 1912 and before this functioned as a private residence. Built of stone construction in a Georgian design the building functioned as the Infants School catering to the 3 to 7-year-old age bracket. It is thought to have been John Clark, as the design of the stair hall and the cast-iron balustrade is identical to those in Woodhouse Hall, Hyde Terrace, also by John Clark.

    The small building sits below street level, surrounded by flowers that have grown into the property's driveway. Access was straightforward as was the explore, but I still enjoyed the neat architecture in the structure, that you wouldn't expect from the outside.

    Fading children's murals in the basement

    The remaining features of the site - didn't take my usual amount of pictures, for no reason it seems

    The top of the stairs - how I wish I had my new camera's lens width for this beautiful scene

    Here's the link to our documentary styled video on this location. Although the thumbnail might be misleading for the nursery, I decided to feature two sites in one video, so the cinematics for this building is the first half of the video:


    Won't be doing a report for the church because of what happened - I didn't get one shot I was content with.

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Good that, Thanks

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    Great architectural piece, quite diverse by the looks of it

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