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Thread: Boat Yard near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, February 2020

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    Default Boat Yard near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, February 2020

    1. The History
    Site of the former Nationwide Boat Sales Yard located on Sheffield Road at the southern edge of Unstone and 5km to the north of Chesterfield town centre. Nicknamed ďOcean villageĒ, the business appears to have been established around 1984 and then closed down in 2005 with the site remaining abandoned since then. While open it boasted ďover 300 boats for saleĒ with ďone of the biggest boat sales yards in EuropeĒ. The site which was predominantly used for the storage of boats was on the market with local estate agents Mark Jenkinson, with an asking price of £1.8m-2m. For your wedge you also get outline planning consent for 48 dwellings.

    2. The Explore
    Clocked this place while on the way to another explore back in May last year but didnít have time to stop. Finally got chance to pop in. Thereís not masses to see here but what few buildings the site has to offer have some nice decay and plenty of stuff left behind. Itís been left to nature for a good 15 years now so thereís some really nice natural decay and foliage encroachment. Plus, it hasnít been completely trashed. Quite photogenic in the February sun especially given itís all painted up in blue and white. Hence well worth half-an-hour of your attention.

    3. The Pictures

    20200202_123039 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    20200202_123036 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    20200202_122915 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    Letís start in reception:

    20200202_122029 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    Itís pretty far gone in here:

    20200202_122047 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    20200202_122050 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    The next building up from reception:

    img5547 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5549 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    Surprised to see this in here:
    img5556 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5553 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5552 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5551 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5550 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    This is the cutest of the five or so buildings there;

    20200202_122912 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5574 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5558 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    And home to the only resident left on-site:

    img5560 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5562 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    And onto the final biggest building in the middle of the site.

    img5564 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    Loving this old computer:

    20200202_122644 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    And colourful trays:

    20200202_122648 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    Not a bad little wander in the end:

    img5571 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5573 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5554 by HughieDW, on Flickr

    img5546 by HughieDW, on Flickr
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  2. Thanks given by: Hugh Jorgan, Locksley, Mearing, ocelot397, risingdamp, theartist

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