Hulme Hall Grammar School

Hulme Hall School was established in 1928, with a pre-school, junior learning centre and senior school on site. It has an average of 50 new pupils per year and specialises in grammar but teaches the typical modern day subjects. This property was built in the 1950s and abandoned in 2017 when the school relocated to the old Hillcrest Grammar site, originally Stockport's High School for Girls. The school's motoo is 'Seek Truth.'

A science classroom

Teacher's office


A more decayed classroom, no indication of what this one was

Gym full of unused furniture

Some before and after shots of the theatre. The prior were taken during one of the final school productions: Midsummer Night's Dream.

Here's the link to our documentary styled video of this location. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

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