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    Default Holdenby Witches House

    Yes yes I know I shouldnt be out exploring but as as seasoned explorer & NEBOSH trained H & S guy I risk assessed this & thought yeah Im more likely to get injured in my half renovated house at home.

    So as some of u will know I like birds & wildlife photography & I did a highly recommended falconry day at Holdenby Hall some years ago & vaguely remember this place. but then completely forgot about it! Another long distance isolation walk led me right by this so would of been rude not to.

    What is this place then? I genuinely have no idea & cant find any history. It looks like a tudor build but Im guessing its much newer & was just a folly to the hall.

    Despite the furniture & bed Im also doubt full that anyone has actually ever lived in it.

    There is not much in here but its a pretty quirky place though & I enjoyed a few mins having a nose!

    You Can see the stands here where birds are flown from

    After I popped down to the beautiful All Saints church which unfortunately was locked up but the graffeti in the porch was interesting enough!

    Thanks For Looking
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    An old original estate workers cottage - The rope bed indicates that this place may have been lived in by one of the 100's of ex WW1 soldiers who roamed about these parts and the New Forest after WW1. The items on the table are certainly from that period.

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