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Thread: Ensors Abbatoir, Cinderford June 2020

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    Default Ensors Abbatoir, Cinderford June 2020

    A quick stop off at this place whilst collecting some items bought nearby.

    It would appear that the company either moved to a new premises nearby or this was a satellite facility for the main one, either way it's totally ruined and only the large cold rooms out back complete with nice big drains in the floor would give any hint that it was at some point an abbatoir of sorts, although I don't think much in the way of actual stunning was done here I think it was more a processing plant for animals that were already stunned.

    We arrived outside and were surprised to see that what is a large flat car park on google maps has now had what I presume is a new care home constructed on it, the frontage was swarming with construction workers laying tarmac but luckily there was a way in that avoided them. It also became apparent that there were people working in the yard out back in whatever business is located next to it, so it became a game of 'avoid being spotted by the construction workers out front and the people out back' for the duration - the fact there is barely a window left intact didn't help!

    This will never win any awards for the most interesting location ever but it's another abbatoir to add to the three others I've explored over the last couple of years.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Interesting stuff.
    Best way to see these hell holes.

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    Sorry to correct you but that's not Ensors abbatoir. You're a bit late to explore the abbatoir, that was the other side of Valley Road a bit further down, it was turned into a new housing estate probably 6 years ago now. It used to stink when you drove past so probably best that you didn't explore it lol. Ensors relocated to a new, much bigger plant on the industrial estate. I don't actually know what the premises were that you explored, those buildings have been derelict for at least the last 11 years when I lived in Cinderford. Everyone just knew them as old offices, may be it was a distribution depot for refrigerated foods?

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