Derelict Places Rules

Photographers and film-makers please note. This is not a location finding forum and any posts asking for possible locations will be removed by a moderator as soon as they are found.

1) Anyone talking about committing, encouraging, caught or suspected of committing criminally illegal acts in the course of their activities will be banned, without discussion.

2) The emphasis here is on sharing what information you have not on asking others for information, so threads that are purely questions about locations are likely to be deleted otherwise it will become a forum full of questions with little meaningful content. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Similarly this is not an urban tourist information site so any type of 'is this building still doable/where can I go/where should I go/how do I get there?' posts will be removed. Do your own research and use the search functions, google etc. Or best of all go look for yourself!

3) Do not discuss any aspect of accessing a building on the forums, this includes whether its possible, how to do it etc. If someone is posting a report, it's obvious they got in somehow. If they haven't posted internal photos then it probably wasn't possible or they didn't want to enter. The best way to find out is to go look for yourself.

4) Respect fellow members and their opinions and keep personal differences and arguments private. If you have an issue with someone you can take it up with them via PM, NOT in public. People who persistently bring a bad atmosphere to the forum will be banned.

5) Don't use exact dates anywhere on the forum, this includes things in your posts that make it obvious which date you were at a site. There are good reasons for this rule and it's for your own protection.

Posts that break these rules will be removed without warning/explanation, people who continuously break the rules will be warned via PM, and if they continue one of the mods will eventually get bored and ban them.

About us
DerelictPlaces is a forum for people with an interest in the history and documentation of disused, derelict and abandoned buildings to come together and share their experiences, photography and historical findings. Our military, industrial and historical heritage is fast disappearing under the pressure of regeneration, the need for new housing, and often through simple neglect; Our aim is to document these places before they disappear entirely.
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