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Thread: Honeyhole Hospital, USA April 2018

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    Default Honeyhole Hospital, USA April 2018

    Sometimes the good things really do come in small packages.

    In comparison to other hospitals I have explored on both sides of the Atlantic this place is tiny. A completely non-descript single storey building occupying a plot of land on the outskirts of a small non-descript town in the middle of nowhere. Other than the small 'hospital parking' sign out front you'd probably never even guess it was a hospital which once served a community of 9000 people both in the town and the surrounding area. Despite it's tiny size, however, it is one of the best hospitals I have ever explored. When it closed in 2001 due to crippling debt absolutely everything was left inside - and it's backwoods-of-nowhere location means almost everything still is. There are a pair of fully stocked operating theatres plus a maternity delivery theatre, the rooms and wards are still furnished with all you'd expect and the storage rooms are still, you guessed it, as full as the day it closed. However the most surprising - and alarming - finds for me were in the laboratory rooms where there were still fridges filled with drugs, blood plasma and other things that really shouldn't have been left there for 17 years. It even came complete with the tiniest little hospital canteen I've ever seen. The only real damage has come in the form of the usual copper thieves who have stripped the corridors of their wiring and made a right mess of them in the process.

    A lot of the interesting rooms were in darkness and I struggled quite a bit to light them up until my friend leant me his LED light bar which was fantastic. It didn't help that the torch I was using up until then was obviously running low on power...

    Thanks for looking :)
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    That's better equipped than many cottage hospitals, well shot Mook, Thanks

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    Amazing explore! Iím gobsmacked at how much stuff is still laying around

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