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Thread: Tintown Hospital, USA May 2018

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    Default Tintown Hospital, USA May 2018

    Another day, another unique hospital.

    This is a pretty strange one as the only abandoned part of the large hospital site is the original 1888 wing, which is attached to a still active more modern extension which is then attached to the modern new hospital. They've done a pretty good job sealing the abandoned part off from the active section for the most part however on a couple of floors the only thing separating you from an active hospital wing are a couple of non-descript regular doors.

    The building has been closed for some time and is very well stripped out with the exception of a beautiful, fully furnished chapel and two matching staircases which are among my favourites I've ever shot. The part which really makes this building stand out however are the ceilings. Almost every ceiling is decorated with ornate pressed tin of many different patterns and designs, some of which unfortunately was covered over when active but the decay post-closure has allowed the original tin to be seen again. I've never seen so many different styles of pressed tin ceilings in one place before so I hope they preserve them whenever the building is either torn down or redeveloped.

    First stop, naturally, was the chapel.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Thanks given by: ajarb, Hugh Jorgan, HughieD, krela, Mearing, noiseboy72, oldscrote, Rubex, smiler

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    I'm not a big fan of hospitals but the natural decay here is lovely.


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