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Thread: White Castle ('Castelo Branco'), Sao Miguel island, Azores, Portugal - Aug 2018

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    Default White Castle ('Castelo Branco'), Sao Miguel island, Azores, Portugal - Aug 2018

    White Caste (Castelo Branco in Portuguese) is a small two-storey tower in the shape of a medieval Domus Fortis, crowned by battlements.

    It was constructed by the private owners of the land; date undetermined. It is in a dominant position at the top of a hill and it would have the function of overseeing the surrounding lands.

    Nowadays it is used as a viewpoint (miradouro), from where visitors can see a wide landscape with the Furnas Lagoon on one side and Vila Franca do Campo on the other.

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    I think this is the cutest building I've ever seen.

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    Defo the cutest castle ever, that's for sure! Probably the Portuguese's answers to a folly...

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