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Thread: Maginot Line locations (France)

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    Post Maginot Line locations (France)

    Hi everybody

    First of all, as i'm french and i do apologize for my bad english. I just wish to give those that might be interested by the maginot line some informations on the buildings that are part of it.

    Among lots of websites about the maginot line, i suggest two that can give you locations and informations. Unfortunately those two sites are in french ;) Community site about the line with for most of the element depicted locations on maps, photos infos and sometimes documents. Note that not all of the buildings are listed at the moment but he site is updated regularly and the database is growing. Vectorised maps of the maginot line (in dwf format, the reader is available on the site).
    The maps describes the maginot line as it was in 1940. Unfortunately, no information is given about the elements located on maps.

    If someone is interested in publishing photos, documents or informations on wikimaginot, just let me know at

    Best regards, Pascal

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    Can I just say, your English is better than quite a lot of people who are English themselves!!

    Oh and thanks for the info, Google Translate etc will get past the language problem.

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    TeeJf had done some serious research on them and posted some indepth reports so no doubt he will find them interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by night crawler View Post
    TeeJf had done some serious research on them and posted some indepth reports so no doubt he will find them interesting.
    I do indeed. Pascal has been kind enough to use some of our photographs too. I just wish I'd found these two sites before we went over because my research wouldn't have taken half as long.

    By the way, it appears I have made one or two descriptive mistakes in my Mont des Welches report and not interpreted everything 100% correctly. Apologies to Pascal but they will be rectified on our own web site in due course.
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