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Thread: Blood on Satain's Claw - St James Church

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    Arrow Blood on Satan's Claw - St James Church

    St James Church was in the now vanished settlement of Bix Brand. Parts of the church are norman, and some are saxon. The settlement is noted in the Domesday Book. It was last used as a church in 1875, when some of the walls bowed making the place unsafe. in 1974 black magic was being practriced using bones dug up from the graveyard.

    In 1971 the ruin was used for the location of a British horror movie 'Blood on Satan's Claw', directed by Piers Haggard. The film had a noteable list of British stars including: Patrick Wymark (Battle of Britain & Where Eagles Dare), Linda Hayden (Confessions of a window cleaner - Yes...that one), Michele Dotrice (Betty, wife of Frank Spencer), Wendy Padbury (Dr Who girl), Anthony Ainley (The Avengers, You only live twice), Charlotte Mitchell (girlfriend of Peter Sellars), Tamara Ustinov (daughter of Peter Ustinov), Simon Williams (now in Holby City), James Hayter (Friar Tuck in Robin Hood & Are you being served), Godfrey James (in every British TV drama you can think of..Avengers, The Professionals, The Sweeney, The Saint, Minder, The Bill, Emerdale......)

    Here's the film trailer..


    The Church as it was in 1915

    As it is today

    That's it, enjoy!
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    Hey like the film, have to watch that:)
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