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Thread: Mounton Chapel 3/11

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    Default Mounton Chapel 3/11

    After seeing pics of this place taken by Dumptyboy I just had to go and have a look. Sorry about the lack of exterior pics there is a big fence going all the way around.

    This lovely little Chapel really is in the middle of nowhere. Nearest village is a good 25 minute walk away. Cannot find much info on the site on the net. Sorry for the lack of exterior shots, there is a big fence skirting the perimeter.

    St Michael's Chapel, originally the parish church, is derelict. It has a nave with a tall bellcote and a porch at the western end and a chancel, which was built at a different time. The porch has a reset 15C doorway and there is a piscina with a trefoiled head in the chancel. The nave has square mullioned windows and a king-post roof, part of the 19C restoration work.
    The church appears isolated now, but four old roads converge on it, and there may be a lost village nearby. There are several springs to the east.

    Mounton Chapel by [Scott], on Flickr

    Broken Stone by [Scott], on Flickr

    Aged by [Scott], on Flickr

    Arch by [Scott], on Flickr

    Broken by [Scott], on Flickr

    Altar by [Scott], on Flickr

    Interior by [Scott], on Flickr

    Near the gate to the field this was on the ground

    POW marking by [Scott], on Flickr

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    Thank you for the report and lovely pictures. The POW grave marker is a fascinating find. Would like to add the following info from British Listed Buildings, if I may - wondering why they say in their description that 'there are no tombstones', when there obviously are at least some.

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