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Thread: "Blue Church" - May 2015

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    Default "Blue Church" - May 2015

    The following day Mookster and I clambered into the car and faced a fair few sealed failures but after heading out of our Leeds Premier Inn we drove straight to the beautiful Blue Church.

    This site has been coded on many occasions but the name Blue Church seems quite fitting so we will leave it at that. The site is trashed in comparison to St Saviours but has suffered mainly from Natural Decay as opposed to Physical, and its demise is far worse due to the fact it has a decade more decay, the closure year being 1997.

    The air obviously is evil in places, but it remains a nicely photogenic church with lots of potential. There is a nice ornate wooden ladder with carved footholes to the bell tower; but we didnít bother with this.











    More At:

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    The pigeons can't be helping, Lovely pics, Thanks

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