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Thread: Loxley Chapel, South Yorkshire - Jan '16

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    Default Loxley Chapel, South Yorkshire - Jan '16


    Rev Benjamin Greaves, curate of Bradfield, built the Chapel in 1787, with the support of his associates. Due to the builders not placing a window to the East, consecration was refused soon after completion. After a long period of time passed, it was sold by auction for £315(roughly £ 118,000 today), this made it an ‘Independent Chapel’. A decade later baptisms were started.

    Following the ‘Great Sheffield Flood’ in 1864, a reported 240 people were buried in the cemetery. One family, the Armitage’s, make up 12 of this number.
    Later on in it’s life, the chapel became the Loxley United reformed Chapel. Prior to it’s demise in 1993, the building become Grade II listed in the mid 80’s.


    After agreeing to meet in Sheffield for my 30th, Loxley Chapel was one of the first places on our hitlist. It was a nice calm start to a weekend which got more and more crazy.
    It’s a real shame the building has been left in this condition and vandals have left their mark. Still, it was a good opportunity to get to grips with my new toy, Canon 750D.










    Cheers for Looking

    Cave Clan - lsd

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    You've bin saving em up KMP, either that or your clearing the memory cards.
    You research your explores well and that always adds that bit extra to the reports, the brain dead haven't done too much damage yet but the metal magpies will destroy the place, Thanks

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