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Thread: St Marys Church Tintern Jan 2017

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    Default St Marys Church Tintern Jan 2017

    Hi Guys this is my first report! me and the partner went to ST Marys Church in Tintern Monmouthshire with our Drone in January. the church was gutted by fire in 1977 but the site is still open to the public. A few reports I've seen from others and videos of this place have said its creepy but we didn't find that at all it was a lovely place even though we were there as it was getting dark. We are still fairly new to the drone so excuse the camera work!

    Thanks given by: Electric, jsp77, krela, Mearing, merzyseren, tony willett

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    I think thats a crackin little film! Ive never used a drone before but i bet its very tricky and takes a lot of practise, especially with the internal footage so I think you are doing extremely well!
    Soundtrack complemented the footage too:D


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