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Thread: St Mary's Church, July 2017

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    Default St Mary's Church, July 2017

    Passing this place only a few months back and spotting the boarding on the windows, the perfect opportunity arose while on route back from Norfolk with RelictaSpiritus.

    After various other failed locations of the day, we were pleasantly surprised to find access to the church although a bit of a squeeze and a wedgie mid process.

    With the slight struggle we found ourselves inside pidgeon shit central, but despite that and the unfortunate damage done presumably by the locals. The church was still absolutely stunning.

    I would like to point out at this point, noting the news reports on the place and the lack of reports for quite some time. We are explorers, we came, took pictures and left again. It’s unfortunate we’re all tarred with the same brush.

    Check out more pictures on UrbexDevil

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    I enjoyed that UD, Thanks

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