Capel Saron

Last year saw me battle some freaky snowfall, well this place was the perfect shelter, driving down a road not far from where I had been exploring, I stumbled on this old place, completely off my maps for the trip, but I remember seeing this place with a car outside a few years back, either way the car has now gone walkies...

I do love these tiny welsh places, but sadly not alot remained inside, but still it was in someway a blessing (no pun intended) as I pulled over an waited for the weird hailstone/snow to finish, an I took refuge inside here for abit and it gave my legs a rest, not that much shelter was given a nice hole above and the windows missing.. oh well a quick few photos and off I went for a quick sleep about an hour away.

I am guessing like most small chapels of this nature, many would walk a few miles in order to visit and so fourth, cant say I remember many houses if any close by maybe one?!?!

On my way out I probably captured one of my favourite photographs... none the less I was pleased, bare in mind not much if any remains, minus a few vodka bottles, bleugh!

As tiny as it was, I sort of loved it for that! more coming soon!