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    So this was a learning lesson for us. I never planned on posting a video report like this but the pictures that came from this place were poor, mainly because we were rushing to avoid some patrolling workers/security that hadn't troubled anyone else that we saw visit this spot. Therefore, it was a point and shoot ordeal, and I wasn't happy with the angles that I used, nor the composition itself. I figure it's better to report on this stuff anyway, just to stop anyone else who plans to go here having a wasted journey.

    Grand Methodist Hall

    The Methodist Central Hall, 196-224 Corporation Street, Birmingham, England, is a three storey red brick and terracotta Grade II* listed building with a distinctive tower at the northern end of Corporation Street. The design complements the Victoria Law Courts opposite, also in terracotta and includes eclectic details such as the corner turrets resembling Indian chattris. It is located within the Steelhouse Conservation Area. The terracotta was manufactured by the renowned firm of Gibbs and Canning Limited of Tamworth, which also produced decorative works for 179-203 Corporation Street and the interior of the Victoria Law Courts in Birmingham and the Natural History Museum in London. It was built 1903-4 by architects Ewan Harper & James A. Harper. The main hall seated 2,000 and it had over thirty other rooms including three school halls. It cost 96,165. he street level has twelve bays of shops (four with their original fronts). The building also runs along Ryder Street and has more original shop fronts. n 1991, the Methodist Church was converted into a nightclub; however, since its closure in 2002, the building fell empty and was poorly maintained. Currently it is only partially in use and its deteriorating condition has led to it being listed on Historic England's Heritage at Risk register. The building has been the subject of various proposals for conversion to apartments and offices In 2018 Birmingham City Council approved plans to restore and renovate the building including a 147 bed hotel.

    Some old pictures, firstly when it was a church, then a nightclub.

    Access was easy enough however instantly, we came across a group of workers, and we were trapped in a small back room waiting for them to move for about 30 mins. When they finally began heading up the central staircase, we followed them up taking the chance, luckily enough at the top they went one way and we went the other.

    Here are two salvageable pictures I managed, both way too pixelated for my liking.

    And finally, here is the link for my documentary styled video. In the end we only spent 20 minutes in the site, rushing around looking for the central hall, before we were inevitably captured. Nevertheless, with the footage I got, I tried to make it an enjoyable video, presenting the past, present and future of the building through cinematics and narration:

    Thanks for reading :)
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    No doubt that the hall is the centerpiece. It's massive and like you said in the video it could easily hold over a 1000 people. A short but sweet report as there were strange goings ons and that would have restricted you from going further.
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