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Thread: Warwickshire Masonic Lodge - Oct 18

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    Default Warwickshire Masonic Lodge - Oct 18

    Just looking at a backlog & this place hasnt come up for a while so just thought I would share.

    The Freemasons Province of Warwickshire became 275 years old in 2003. A banquet was held at the headquarters of the Province in Birmingham on 22 April 2003 to celebrate this most significant event

    Following the resignation of Michael Clarke, Sir Stanley Harley took over the leadership of the Province and was installed on 30 November 1965 by the Grand Master.

    On 28 October 1969 the Provincial Grand Master laid the foundation stone of the new Temple at Clarendon Road, Edgbaston (now more familiarly known as Stirling Road). The Temple was dedicated by the Earl Cadogan on 1 December 1971 at a meeting held under the banner of St Paul's Lodge.

    In 1975 the membership of the Province was 10,112, a decrease on the previous year and in October 1977 membership dipped to below 10,000.

    Once again, on 14 May 1978, the Annual Service was held at the Church of St Mary Warwick, 250 years after that first meeting of the Lodge at The Woolpack Inn.

    Sir Stanley Harley was unable to attend the Annual Meeting in 1978 due to ill-health; his death in 1979 was announced by Thomas Wood at the Annual Meeting in October 1979. Joe Pendrill retired after 23 years as Provincial Grand Secretary. The Concord Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners and the Charity Lodge of RAM were consecrated.

    The building was Designed by locally famous architect John Madin, the Warwickshire Masonic Temple is regarded as a bit of a local landmark.

    From the outside its what we now may regard as a hideous 70's design, but is quite an extraordinary design internally with the main feature being a large central atrium.

    There is leather padded doors & "gentleman's" meeting rooms, along with penthouse suits, kitchens & a rather alarming amount of bars!

    I havent returned but believe this is still there but have heard its in a bad state with a lot of flooding & homeless taking up residence!

    I was amazed at the amount of paperwork laying around, I thought these things were supposed to be secret!

    Finally we had a look at the penthouses.

    Oh & just before we go it would of been rude not to really!

    Thanks For Looking
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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