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Thread: St Bartholomew's Church (Newington, Bagpath Glos) mar 2020

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    Default St Bartholomew's Church (Newington, Bagpath Glos) mar 2020

    Located off the A46 in Newington Bagpath (Gloucestershire)

    It is of Norman foundation, but the design we see today dates from the mid 19th century, and is the work of S.S. Teulon

    This place of worship was founded in the 12th century and closed around 1978

    The Church is now derelict and sold to a private owner.
    It is still believed to be awaiting conversion into a home but the new owner has been unable to
    obtain planning permission to cross nearby farmland.

    This little local church served it's purpose but my history on this one is limited

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    Nice little place that thanks for sharing!
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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