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Thread: 122 Station RD, West Horndon, Brentwood, Essex

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    Default 122 Station RD, West Horndon, Brentwood, Essex

    This was the bungalow next too it, Again this too has been demolished. Upon entering this house there was water pouring through the Ceiling. a Main water pipe had burst, For months everytime i walked passed this house I could hear water hitting the floor inside. In total there was water gushing out off this pipe for 2 years! Yes it took that long for the waterboard too come down & turn it off. So for 2 years there was a burst water pipe in the loft constantly gushing out water. This is why this house was Rotten. As this is severe water damage. It was so bad that moss was growing on the carpets & walls. Also my foot did go through the floor quite a few times

    This Boiler did infact still work, so did the Central heating, The electiricty was still connected, but no way was I gonna switch it on or a light lol

    Mould Spores on the walls & Floors, Most off the ceiling had collapsed throughout due too intense water damage!


    The green stuff on the carpet is infact Moss

    This room had survived as the door too this room was the only door that was shut

    This house was really Gross, It smelt really bad too
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