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Thread: Cambusnethan Priory

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    Default Cambusnethan Priory

    Visited on the 4 December.

    The house is on a unpaved road which is fairly heavy going. Look at an OS map and you can see that one way is much shorter than the other - take this one as the other way is almost impassible by normal cars.

    The building is very ruined. The roof has totally collapsed, nearly all the internal rendering has come away. Large portions of the substantial walls have fallen in, taking the even more substantial basement ceiling in with it. Even the stone stairs have come away from the walls.

    The basement is accessible through the collapsed area. It is full of rubble, the floor is sometimes stone, sometimes wood and is falling in. The ceiling is coming in as well. There is also the most rotted, disgusting toilet bowl I have ever seen (and I know my rotted, disgusting toilet bowls) in a side room. A weird machine sits in an innaccessible room.

    The circular turrets in the corners have lasted better due to their small size and shape. Some even have the rendering inside.

    Loads of beer cans and aerosols so probably a Ned hangout.

    So not much to see, but very pretty nonetheless.

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    Default Re: Cambusnethan Priory

    I've visited Cambusnethan Priory several time over the past few years and each time I find it in a sligtly more desolate and disappointing state. Over the years the local neds and lager louts have turned an, allbeit derelic, but beautiful representation of gothic architecture into pile of beer cans and mis mash of abusive graffiti!

    But if you look close enough and from the right angle - the bulding still retains many of its classic and charming features.

    Its safe to say that Cambusnethan Priory is beyond the point of restoration - but i would be nice to see it cleaned up and supported and made a point of local history - something for the tourists to see and appreciate for many more years to come.

    Urban myth would have you believe that something sinister happened in this building which has forced it into its present condition - but don't let it keep you from taking a look. It's a beautiful and intricitly designed building!

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