The Manor was owned briefly by the Clive family and has been used for different things.

Flash Earth Pic

Most recently it was a school for corvedale care and was put up for sale after an incident concerning the head master.
The buyers were a development firm but due to some council crap they decided to pull out and it has been waiting for something to happen to it ever since.

Going on a mish there soon ourselves.

  • Just been informed by Mumble Bug that the corvedale company used to lock every door using a 'pull shut and it'll lock' system. She doesn't know if they took the locks with them but if they didn't you may not be able to move freely.
  • Found some plans of the site here they are in the pdf brochure.
View of the front from the road.

The Front door.

Behind the Hall - Corvedale Care added the Spiral Staircase and wooden posts as a fire escape.

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