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Thread: Nocton Hall Lincolnshire October 2016

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    Default Nocton Hall Lincolnshire October 2016

    The History

    Located in the peaceful rural village of Nocton in Lincolnshire stands the beautiful ruins of Nocton Hall. It is a grade two listed building dating back to around 1530.

    It served as a convalescence home for wounded American officers during the First World War and was then acquired by the air ministry in 1940 and transformed into a RAF Hospital.

    Up until 1943 the Hall was used as a 'clearing station', not long after 1943 Nocton Hall was chose
    to be the home for the United States Army after the Americans took control over Nocton and
    its grounds for the second time. It became the Army's seventh general hospital, and the hall used as an 'Officers Club'.

    In this time Nocton served civilian's and forces personnel till the military decided to close Nocton Hall in 1983. The RAF decided in 1984 to lease Nocton to the US Army and so this one quiet building and grounds turned into a 740 bed hospital.

    Sadly in the early hours on the 24th October 2004 a fire engulfed Nocton Hall, and so has left
    this historic building as the ruins it is today, and at the mercy of nature reclaiming it back
    as its own.

    The Explore

    I just happened to be in Lincolnshire with a few hours to kill so though Id go and have a look.

    Pretty easy to get into and only protected but a wobbly bit of Heras fencing.

    The place itself is pretty ruined but at the same time really pretty.

    As always enjoy the pics although you will have to excuse the fact they are from my phone

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    Nice but the place is falling down.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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    I enjoyed looking at these.I am unable to get out of the house and do my own exploring so these photos on here mean a lot to me.I feel like I'm on an explore with you all.:D Many thanks

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    That's a pretty comprehensive report that. Enjoyed that. Often gets overlooked in favour of the RAF hospital but worthy in its own right.

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    Great report, I would never have guessed you took those pics on your phone if you hadn't said. Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing.

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