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Thread: Mountfield House Musbury Devon March 2017 pic heavy-ish!

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    Default Mountfield House Musbury Devon March 2017 pic heavy-ish!

    Fabulous yet very derelict country house owned by Dr Annette Drummond-Rees.The house was split into four apartments many years ago and now have become part of an auction..the strange thing is,only part of the estate is up for is totally derelict with several floors very dangerous indeed.I can only assume the good Doctor loved collecting things as there are bag upon bag upon bag of china items all tagged with the price she paid,except these bags are simply left on the stairs unopened...there are at least six pianos in various rooms plus old televisions and record players..we saw at least two copies of Blondie`s Parallel Lines vinyl long player.This was for me a bit of a tense explore due to this house being overlooked so making me a little uneasy about getting seen,but hey,we made it,pics all taken and now here for you all to view...I am getting a tad too old for this.Big shout out to DJ Flava and Mark for letting us in on this little gem.Huge Thanks to Matt for asking us along on this one..lets go see the house ok..
    Here is the frontage..I loved it but my missus wasnt keen

    Closer now

    Some leftover wheels

    Cars that may even start again!

    This only had 74K on the clock..looks like somone is keen to purchase it

    In the hall now..there are so many chairs in this house as you will see

    Maybe the good Dr`s hat

    Lounge one

    Complete with piano

    Lounge two

    Upstairs now..on each stair was a shopping bag containing ornaments bought from charity seemed the Dr never opened these bags again and put them on the stairs

    As you can see

    More pianos at the top of the stairs

    Flat 3`s bedroom in pretty good condition

    Flat 3`s`s lounge

    Flat 2`s lounge this is soo confusing!

    Am going to stop now before I outstay my welcome..this is a room in the attic now

    To make a little more sense of how this house was carved up into 4 flats,take a look at the below link to the full walk thru

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    I love this house, but my favourite are the pianos, they are beautiful,

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    Has your girlfriend got sight issues? Im with u its lovely :D

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    how come you named it then...
    “Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit...and sharing is an act of kindness..dont be afraid to ask..i own none of what i explore..”

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