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Thread: Red Dress Manor - Mid Wales, July 2017 (update)

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    Default Red Dress Manor - Mid Wales, July 2017 (update)

    So we thought we would stop by the infamous Red Dress Manor while we were in the area. Having seen many, many posts over the last few years we were excited to see the place for ourselves but knew we would of left it too late in reality. Pretty much everything of interest from previous posts has been taken and it was a lot more empty in places than I had even expected.

    The explore was pretty easy (apart from cutting myself on some strategically placed barbed wire!), it looks like an attempt has been made to keep people out but access is still very possible.

    On with the photos, we took a few to compare with previous posts, it is very sad that there isn't much to see anymore...

    Thanks given by: ajarb, Dhavilland, krela, MeditativeChaos, mtc3154, oldscrote, prettyvacant71, psykie, Rubex, Taffthedigger, thorfrun

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    Its good to see an update even though its lookin so sad. One I missed out on a few yrs ago too.

    Like the tree in bin shot!


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