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Thread: Almondsbury Care Home / Bristol / 08/2017

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    Default Almondsbury Care Home / Bristol / 08/2017

    Hey guys and girls,

    Decided to go to a little abandoned care home just down the road from myself, and it didn't disappoint...

    After trying to find this place for absolutely ages, I randomly stumbled upon it. After gaining entry to the site, it was quite apparrent it was going to be a sneaky one, a stones throw from a police station that use this site as a firing range, and homes with big windows and curtain twitchers the other side.

    Alsmondsbury care home was built around 1580, and was used as a residential home up until recent, and closed due to whistle blowing of bullying and abuse.

    Props to TopAbandoned for doing the report on this, and making me want to view the place myself, the place is absolutely beautiful.

    It has recently been subject to an arsen attack and is completely burnt out on one side of the building, leaving the main dining hall burnt to a crisp, such a shame these yobs keep doing this. As we got there a group of kids must have just left as there was the fresh scent of spraypaint and weed in the air.

    "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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    Once the pond scum find a place they don't leave it alone till they wreck it,
    You can only photograph what's there and you did that well, Thanks

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