Golf Range Manor

I really wish I can give a better name for this place, but my imagination lacks when it comes to this place, nothing I could really call it made sense. (Thanks to brewtal) for the heads up, I had done a few places in the area and thought ah well add this to my list incase I fail somewhere, luckily I didnt and I just quickly had a look around here with my camera.

Not much had changed from Brewtals report if anything some weird stuff in the bedroom, involving tin foil, some candles and a circle... you know the "anybody in here with us" types of people, graffiti is present but I was happy I walked away with a few shots I liked, not bad for a back up anyway.
Upstairs is rather sketchy its more of a balancing act, so if you do navigate upstairs, I suggest applying for the circus, my applications been sent off, but none the less, not the most dangerous or dodgy of floors ive walked.

anyway not much to say other than this, but its rather beautiful if you take away the graffiti, I do hope someone buys it and puts up with golf balls breaking the windows every so often.

On with the rest of the shots!

Thanks for looking! more coming soon