Daresbury Hall is a Grade II listed former country estate near Warrington in the home town of Lewis Carol. It was built in the 18th Century. It has been used as a military hospital during WWII and as a residential home for the now charity Scope for handicapped people. It first was left to go derelect after a wealth owner who'd brought it had died before having chance to restore the Georgian mansion. In 2015 a Zombie Survival Experience was set up, but after a couple of fires in 2016, the site has been left derelict.

I've always been interested in abandoned sites, but this was the first time I decided to explore one. I was just going around the main garden having a look at what state it was in. I heard the main hall was in bad shape from the fire and decided not to go in there in case it was not safe. I did see inside the main annex where a Zombie run had been set up which gave it an interesting feel.

Photos aren't perfect, but should give you a feel for the inside of the building.

I found this place interesting and was exciting for my first bit of exploring.

Thanks for reading.