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    Default Welsh Wonder

    I came across this site some time ago and despite efforts have been unable to find out any great detail of its history.
    It was quite dark inside and extremely run down and precarious in places.
    One photo of a bottle on a window sill may give some clues but at the time of taking it I didn't realise there was anything written on the card in front of the bottle. I have tried using a photo editing piece of software and all I can decipher is that it was dated 4th October 2015 and refers to the cottage as Myrtle Cottage and appears that whoever wrote it may have used the cottage as a holiday home perhaps themselves having visited many years later to find its derelict state.

    An internet search shows that the cottage was up for sale with a guide price of 200k but it appears it has been withdrawn/sold with planning permission to demolish and rebuild.

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    That would make an ideal off grid house - if it comes with a little land too.

    It's certainly a quirky little building(s). Surprised there isn't more interesting stuff to find there. If you know to look in particular places you'd be surprised!

    A nice little find. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes looks a nice place that, not sure Id want to take on the restoration though!
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sausage View Post
    Surprised there isn't more interesting stuff to find there.
    Typical of many similar - Original occupants eventually die and the relatives inheriting the place remove all personnel effects and turn the place into a holiday let. Eventually because of lack of maintenance etc., the place fails to attract holiday lets and building is abandoned and put up for sale. Know this place well, in shocking condition and the real value is in the location and the land it sits on.

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