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Thread: Ewart Park, nr Wooler November 2018

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    Default Ewart Park, nr Wooler November 2018

    Ewart Park is a place I have wanted to see for ages, but as it was so ridiculously far away from my home base I had never considered it, until my annual trip to Scotland came about and well it'd be rude to not pop in whilst passing, right? Especially as it made a good point to aim for a soon-after-dawn explore having travelled through the night.

    The original part of Ewart Park was constructed between 1787 and 1790, with the large extension to the west wing added in 1870. It has been empty in part since at least the early 1950s, the listing text submitted to English Heritage states that at the time the survey was done in 1951 it was empty and partially derelict. Fast forward to the present day and it's fair to say it's not in the best shape internally! Many of the floors are rotted through, too sketchy to cross or just collapsed completely, however it's almost totally natural decayed state suits my tastes perfectly.

    After parking up we made our way through the trees and quickly found a way inside, and spent an undisturbed hour or so poking around and trying not to fall through anything. Externally it's an amazing looking building, and the way it suddenly reveals itself through the trees is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Fab that Mook. Loving the tower bit. Looks in a bit of a poor way...

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    Hangs head in shame...
    I know the name and the location but didn't realise it was derelict..
    When passing I always have my eyes on the nearby gas pumping station. Distracted by machinery as usual!

    That's a lovely building. Posh but rotten but lovely.
    Looks like a little work was attempted at some point?

    Kinda shocks me that people can afford to leave places like that to go to rot.
    Full of meaty goodness.

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    Sadly years of neglect has paid a toll on this place. Looking at the structure it must have been a nice place at one time.
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    Sadly; like many other properties that have now disappeared, in the early '50's this place was already starting to show the reason for its demise - terminal roof rot. With no money for a roof replacement and no future use on the horizon, the place was left, like many from my childhood wanderings with Dad - Clumber Park. Wheatley Hall. Cantley Hall and Spotborough Hall - to name some of my childhood wanderings - nothing new in this game, just that the family camera did not get passed down to 'junior', film and D&P was far too expensive! Pity, because most of the places were full of the owner's stuff and signs of the last occupants - Allied Forces awaiting D Day.

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