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Thread: Bulstrode House, March 2019

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    This place has been around for a while and seeing vandalism is picking up we got here quick before anything worse happens.
    Once we got there we instantly knew we had been watched, farmers had filmed us walking along the path and walkers kept an eye on us. Eventually we got in to then notice people playing loud music, which we assumed to be tradesmen fixing the place. When we backed out of the building we came across a man who told us to leave and then filmed us.

    So we were in a bit of a tight spot here, try again, get caught and fall into more trouble? Or do we give in?

    About a minute before we decided two other explorers appeared and gave us a way in.

    Once we were in there was only a small portion we could access without being caught or setting off PIR alarms.

    The Photos

    Starting off with he main attraction.



    Slightly different angle

    Peering around

    From the top

    Another staircase elsewhere in the site.

    Anyway, that's all I got.

    I'll link a video a friend of ours created on the day, although not spectacular.

    That'll be all.

    Don't worry about security until you've been caught.

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    Not bad for all you managed to get. The staircase is nice shame about the pointless grafitti on the walls of the staircase.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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